Join me on the journey!

My journey of how I inherited, lost, regained and will surpass a six figure net worth.

Ep 1 COVID Stimulus check update!


What is it? How do you receive it? Where is it!? What should you do with it?!? Join me on the journey of Financial Responsibility to Financial Freedom!

Ep 2 First Step you NEED to take on your Financial Journey

In order to become consumer debt free …before I was able to grow my net worth to half a million I first needed to do THIS!

Ep 3 Budget Step 2 Towards financial responsibility!

This is the second step I took towards financial responsibility. You NEED to follow this step trust me on this. I would not be in this position without doing this!

Ep 4: Step 3 – Get rid of non-performing DEBT! What is non-performing debt anyway?!?

Step 3! Building your net worth can be an uphill battle with the burden of debt. Prioritize getting rid of NON-PERFORMING DEBT – this is the biggest drag on your Net Worth!

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